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Don’t put yourself and others in danger!  Concealed Weapons Permit Blog.

I want to get my concealed weapons permit! Many Floridians start with this thought. However, you have had little to no formal training. Sounds familiar?

How safe is it for you to carry a gun on you if you have had minimal or no training? “Well that’s why I’m taking the concealed weapons class” is most likely your answer.

Florida statute says that the instructor of a concealed weapons permit class MUST see you discharge a firearm properly. That statute can be accomplished in firing just one shot! Wait, what? Yes- one shot. 99 percent of Florida classes do this bare minimum. 1 SHOT! 45 minute class, maybe 1 hour if you are lucky, and firing 1 to maybe 5 shots. How prepared does that sound? ✅ NOT PREPARED

Then there are those who opt for an online class. Really? So you will learn to manage recoil (the BOOM) and everything that comes along with shooting virtually?


Does it make sense to trust your life and the lives of your family members to Groupon or the cheapest thing you can find? Let’s take this seriously people!

What if you can take a very fun 3.5 hour class, learn the proper fundamentals of shooting, get the concealed weapons permit, AND feel confident all in one try?

TOP SHOT is the 2018 Winner of the BEST CONCEALED WEAPONS CLASS of 2018 by

  • 3.5 hours

  • Shoot magazines and magazines of bullets until you learn

  • Unlimited refresher courses for life

  • Free Shooting Glasses, Gun Rental, Ammunition, Range Fees, and Targets

This is too important to cut corners.

Thank you for reading; TOP SHOT INSTRUCTOR

Content created by Javill Byron, self defense expert and business professional. He has dedicated a considerable amount of time to helping those in need. For more information about Javill Byron please visit:

Written by: Javill Byron and

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