Gun control doesn’t work. Firearm education does!

After teaching concealed weapons permit classes for the past decade; I would like to change a few laws if I could. Not sure where to start, but here are my thoughts and experiences. A few days ago a gentleman called me with his wife on speaker asking about the concealed weapons class. The classes at Top Shot are a minimum of 4 hours long and can run longer depending on how fast you learn. However, because everyone knows someone would just give it to them in 45 minutes; their question was “can I just get the concealed weapons permit now and learn how to shoot after?” What? Currently there are no guidelines to what is being taught and the length of time for the class or content that should be

Active Shooter: On the rise but still misunderstood! Institutions need help!

We recently called 11 institutions in Miami to ask about their active shooter and emergency preparedness plan. Sadly, most don’t have a clear idea of what to do, how to proceed and their SOP’s (standard operating procedures) are lacking. In addition to this, the focus is only on the civilian perspective and most just recommend to barricade, hide or wait for help. We know that this is the wrong thing to do because most active shooter situations are over in 5 minutes or less. Average police response times in major cities are between 5.4 and 9.6 minutes, and in some cities that time can get up to 15 minutes. The carnage of the event may be; will be; over by then. We currently consult some lar

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