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We are Top Shot Firearms Academy. We are a group of world-class instructors that believe in learning correctly, and that proper fundamentals can mean the difference between life and death. User error or not being proficient in your time of need is something YOU have control over, but most people never make the small sacrifice to learn. Top Shot believes in having the skills and hopefully not ever needing them; rather than needing the skills and not having them. We are committed to helping you be your family’s first line of defense and giving you the proper preparation to do so. Top Shot believes in teaching a higher-end class as to not get it quick; but instead to get it right. We believe in

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  • Top Shot Firearms Academy & Gun Club
  • Top Shot Firearms Academy & Gun Club
  • Top Shot Firearms Academy & Gun Club

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Homestead Concealed Carry- Homestead Concealed Weapons Permit Class.- Homestead Gun Class- Miami Concealed Carry- Miami Concealed Weapons Permit Class- Miami Gun Class

Class Instructor/Teacher - Javill Byron with help from -

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