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How to STAY ALIVE in a dangerous world

Active shooters at the airport, the shooting in the Orlando club, terror attacks at the mall, the person stalking you then trying to rob you, a home invasion but this time its your home; The people that are vigilant, prepared and aware will be the ones that stay alive. What do I mean by prepared?

So you bought a gun and it stays in your “ready area” locked away as a cushion or safety blanket for that false sense of security because “I have a gun.” Can you use it? Very well?

I began to test this thought recently by asking random people to come shoot with me. What I found was 60 percent of people could not hit a human sized target at 7 yard consistently. What if we were under duress, stress, low light, hands shaking, nervous, sweating; WITH YOUR LIFE ON THE LINE? Would you hit your target then? Chances are you would miss when it counts the most. I would like to share a few things that would give you a better chance of STAYING ALIVE.

  1. Your attitude. Thoughts like; “that sort of stuff doesn’t happen in my neighborhood.” Or “it won’t happen to me” is a good way to be caught off guard.Give yourself a chance and give it some extra thought.Your family deserves it.Take ownership of it; it is not up to anyone else to protect your family.It’s up to you!

  2. Practice. How many of you remember the formulas from your Economics class? Chances are, not many. There is one thing to attribute that to; you haven’t practiced in a while. Practice not only builds your skills but it also builds your confidence. If the survival of yourself and your family depends on your acquired skills and your confidence; why would you not want to or seek out the one thing that can build them both: Practice. Find a well-run concealed-weapons permit course in Miami or a Concealed Carry Course in Homestead FL, and follow up classes to continue learning. This is not the kind of thing you should look on Groupon to find. You don’t want to be rushed or find a “deal” when it comes to your personal protection and safety. Does anyone know why some military forces are feared and considered elite? It’s because everyday when they are NOT at war defending the country; their only job is to practice.

  3. Situational awareness. Prevention is always better than a cure.If you have good situational awareness you could be proactive instead of reactively fighting for your life.Here is a good example.You are walking to your car at night; keys exactly where you always leave them, in your purse, talking to your best friend on the phone.Now you have to stand at your car, look for your keys, while holding you phone.You would be an excellent target for an attack.You have to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitude to be able to sniff things out, understand the concepts of where threats exist and be able to proactively defuse them

  4. Indicators. Indicators refer to events that happen that will signify that something else will happen. You cross the street twice and you notice that same creepy guy did as well. Ladies- have you ever had that guy at the club try to make eye contact several times; then he starts to walk toward you? You can reasonably predict what will happen next. Indicators and common sense, if you are paying attention, can save your live if you react proactively.

If you arm yourself with a great attitude, which would facilitate you seeking out ways to improve your skills and confidence which can only be achieved by practice, training in situational awareness and recognition of indicators; you may be able to STAY ALIVE in this dangerous world.

Written by: Javill Byron and

Concealed Weapons Permit Class Homestead

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