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Real Estate Agents Are Easy Targets

Unless they are aware of the dangers AND take the necessary steps to protect themselves!

It’s about time that someone addressed the trend of REAL ESTATE agents being attacked and in a most recent case; HUNTED. As a Realtor, sometimes the focus is on money, closing the deal, and making the perfect showing vs. your personal safety.

Think for a second what a Real Estate Professional’s job is. Be in an empty house with a stranger, alone, and with your back turned most of the time. Countless stories are now surfacing about predators looking for and specifically hunting real estate agents, with some of these stories ending with horrific outcomes. Top Shot Firearms academy has listed below ways to help you be safe; and has even developed a class specifically for the Real Estate professional covering self-defense and concealed carry.

But what can you do to be safe? We will share with you here, the first 5 rules of the TOP SHOT 20 for Real Estate Professionals

1) Always meet a client in your office for the first time. My wife is a real estate agent and sometimes a really good sounding client that can help you close that deal really wants to go straight to the property and can potentially put thousand of dollars in your pocket. You would have to know and remember that your safety comes first.

2) If you can’t meet them in the office for the first meeting, an intelligent protective measure could be as simple as saying; “It is my companies policy to have a copy of a drivers license on file to show properties. Can you take a picture of it and send to me?” You can even take a picture of it on site BEFORE entering the property

3) DO NOT park in the driveway of the house. You want an easy escape route if needed. Park at the curb or surrounding areas at the house to give your car more visibility to passersby and a better, more open escape route just in case.

4) ALWAYS walk slightly behind the customer while showing instead of leading. With your back turned you can't see an attack coming. Your situational awareness is turned off if you can’t see your would- be attacker.

5) Get trained with a firearm AND self defense. 40 percent of realtors have stated that they feel this stranger danger sensation yet no one is teaching realtors how to carry properly or how to safely use a firearm. “Yes you have to make a living but let’s prepare and do it safely.” Concealed carry is a MUST if you will be showing homes alone. But you must know how to do so. Notice the word AND above. It states AND self defense. Sometimes you may need to fend off an attacker just enough to get to whatever you are carrying even if its just mace. You must know how and be able to do so effectively. Top Shot offers a real estate specific class for concealed carry and self-defense. The instructor is a holder of multiple black belts in self-defense and martial arts, an NRA certified firearms instructor and the most proud designation… A Realtor. A unique blend of talents to understand the needs of a real estate professional as it pertains to safety.

The concluding thought is that YOU are the most important piece of a real estate transaction and an integral part to your family. Let's ensure to maximize the safety effort while earning a living!

Now go close that deal!

Top Shot Firearms Academy

**Learn more about real estate specific concealed carry and self-defense classes being offered in Miami at:

Written by: Javill Byron and

Content created by Javill Byron, self defense expert and business professional. He has dedicated a considerable amount of time to helping those in need. For more information about Javill Byron please visit:

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