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Top Shot Firearms Academy and Gun Club
Security Miami and Loss Prevention Miami and Retail Loss Prevention Miami

Top Shot Miami provides a comprehensive loss prevention program that delivers results directly impacting your companies bottom line. The Top Shot Security and Retail Loss Prevention Solution drives a culture that promotes a cost effective solution to this critical component of retail success. Our outside the box and innovative solutions have changed the way companies have viewed loss prevention. Top Shot Miami has an international team of professionals providing incident resolutions, law enforcement support, employee training, audit support, loss prevention analysis and consultation services to companies nationally and internationally. Top Shot has diverse experiences in the grocery, restaurant, retail pharmacy, and distribution businesses which allows us to apply vast knowledge and understanding to ensure success in the loss prevention and reduction area.

Employee Training

One of our main focuses is employee training.  Even excellent plans and loss prevention programs have failed if the employee does not execute the company plan. The Top Shot Loss Prevention Miami goal is to enhance the individual skills of each employee and sharpen the skills at all levels of employment. Employees need to understand their specific roles in the protection of company assets. Top Shot believes that employees play a specific role in the profitability and protection of a company's assets.

New Employee Training 

Management Staff Training

Senior Leadership Training

Custom Training to address specific company needs 

Key Performance Indicators

Top Shot will perform KPI updates as often as the client requires in order to gain a specific understanding and benchmark of success and progress. Top Shot Miami believes that if you can’t measure it; it doesn’t exist!

Internal Theft

Companies often underestimate the mounting cost of internal theft . 50 billion dollars of internal theft was reported in 2017.

Top Shot Security and Loss Prevention Miami will provide services in investigation, resolution, post incident recap and law enforcement support as a service of this component.

Do you have a newsletter?

A company newsletter is an effective tool to engage employees on what’s happening inside the company and inform all levels of staff. In addition to staff engagement; a newsletter can also have the positive effect on staff commitment, quick turnaround on updates for policy changes and organizational goals, seasonal accomplishments, and information about achievements in the loss prevention space.

Top Shot Firearms Academy and Gun Club

People, Process, and Technology for Retail Loss Prevention

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