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Top Shot Firearms Academy and Gun Club

In a world of ever evolving, bold threats, high crime and the constant worry of terrorism, Top Shot brings innovative and creative security solutions, well managed and balanced strategies for wide-ranging solutions scenarios. The safeguard of your people, your property, your assets and your businesses is our number one concern.

Security and asset protections has emerged as a highly specialized and sophisticated area of expertise that companies need to address for both current and emerging threats. The asset protections and security threats faced today range from crime thought about in the traditional way (both internal and external to terrorism both physical and cyber-attacks. As the methods of criminals and terrorists change and increase in sophistication; Top Shot will be there to protect and advise you of how to combat this new landscape.  


We are martial arts experts, weapons instructors, and business and asset protection specialists.

Top Shot Firearms Academy and Gun Club

People, Process, and Technology for Security and Asset Protection Consulting

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