Real Estate Agents Are Easy Targets

Unless they are aware of the dangers AND take the necessary steps to protect themselves! It’s about time that someone addressed the trend of REAL ESTATE agents being attacked and in a most recent case; HUNTED. As a Realtor, sometimes the focus is on money, closing the deal, and making the perfect showing vs. your personal safety. Think for a second what a Real Estate Professional’s job is. Be in an empty house with a stranger, alone, and with your back turned most of the time. Countless stories are now surfacing about predators looking for and specifically hunting real estate agents, with some of these stories ending with horrific outcomes. Top Shot Firearms academy has listed below ways t

How to STAY ALIVE in a dangerous world

Active shooters at the airport, the shooting in the Orlando club, terror attacks at the mall, the person stalking you then trying to rob you, a home invasion but this time its your home; The people that are vigilant, prepared and aware will be the ones that stay alive. What do I mean by prepared? So you bought a gun and it stays in your “ready area” locked away as a cushion or safety blanket for that false sense of security because “I have a gun.” Can you use it? Very well? I began to test this thought recently by asking random people to come shoot with me. What I found was 60 percent of people could not hit a human sized target at 7 yard consistently. What if we were under duress, stres

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