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Top Shot Firearms Academy and Gun Club

Have you ever wondered how the elite units of the SRT / SWAT teams train?

The drills they do to remain sharp and perform at a high level?


Well, here is your chance to find out first-hand.


TOP SHOT is hosting our new series SWAT SH#! to teach you the technical skills deployed by our most elite Law Enforcement Teams.


This is the FIRST of a 3 part series. Pistol!


In addition to the instruction from our main instructor JB; TOP SHOT will host an active member of the SWAT team to bring you practical skills currently being used by elite units.


If you are an Instructor or Law Enforcement professional looking to improve your pistol skills; this is an accelerated program to help you do just that.

Saturday June 26th
Homestead Training Center


Skill Assessment and Benchmarking

High Speed Target Acquisition

Multiple Target Engagement

Scenario Based Training

Quick Reaction Drills

Pistol Presentation Speed and Accuracy

Strong and Weak-side Manipulations

The TOP SHOT QUALIFIER (you will see in the class)

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