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Top Shot Firearms Academy and Gun Club
Conealed Weapon Permit Class for teachers, firearms training for teachers

Teachers and Guns? The debate continues. Have you heard about the Teacher's E.D.G.E. Program™? The Early Detection and Gun Education program is designed to give teachers and educational professionals the edge! Teachers all across the country have seen yet another school shooting where educators were forced to become first responders. Principals, Teachers, Counselors and education building staff now have another aspect of their chosen profession to worry about.  

The question still remains- should teachers learn the skills and drills necessary to defend themselves and their classrooms in order to get home to their own families? Should they understand the 5 psychological responses when confronted by an intruder like an active shooter? Would metal detectors help? What should be the key points covered in a "lockdown drill" when an intruder is detected? What should students be told? Should students be allowed to use cell phones during this time?  

The point of all this debate is advocating for gun safety and knowing what to do without having to think about it. It should all run like clockwork. Top Shot Firearms Academy is a Miami based firearms safety and lockdown tactics school with a class emphasis on teachers, concealed weapons training, and ideas on how to marry the concepts of safety and effective training.  

When something happens to you, you wont resort to clarity of thought; you will however resort to your training and preparation. Let's get started!

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