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Top Shot Firearms Academy and Gun Club
NRA Pistol Instructor Course
$450.00 (LEO Only)

As a Law Enforcement Officer, you have developed some unique skills; skills that can make you significant extra income. 


Do you like shooting? Ever thought about making money doing it?


The NRA Pistol Instructor Course is a 2-Day Course and is designed to give you the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to become a firearms instructor under  the largest firearms organization in the world; the NRA.

This is the course that allows you to teach your own firearms courses, including the Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Course, and generate income doing so.


This class is not currently posted and is open to LEO’s only

Only 12 Spots Open

Required Equipment:

  • 1.5in three-ring binder for packets we will provide

  • Two pens, Two Pencils, a highlighter and paper to take notes

  • Identification (Can be a state issued ID, drivers license, USA passport, etc.)

  • Quality functional semi-automatic pistol or revolver (There will be pistols available for rent if you do not own one)

  • 2 magazines minimum (or speed loaders for revolver)

  • Eyewear protection

  • Earmuffs and earplugs

  • At least 150 rounds of ammunition

  • Appropriate range attire

Recommended Equipment:

  • Water

  • Sunscreen

  • Snacks/Lunch (We will break periodically)

  • Hat

  • Towel (to dry sweat)

  • Insect Repellant

If you would like to be considered for a seat in the NRA Instructor Course, fill out the form below

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