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Top Shot Firearms Academy and Gun Club
CWP Instructor Starter Pack
So you just got your Pistol Instructor License.....
Now what?
You want to teach and MSMFM, but theres no online resources, no state standard to follow, no content, basically nothing to help you get started.
6-Figure Income Blueprint Package (Website included):
"Some of the best people in a given profession are never found" ~ Not sure who said that, but it's true!
  • We will build you a high-converting starter webpage
  • Marketing tips & tricks (Huge secrets)
  • 24/7 access to our Instructors (Yes, JB too)
  • Watch us teach the class (Mentorship)
  • Business Planning Help
  • 6 figure Ideas Template (Huge Secrets)
  • 2 CWP Course PowerPoint Templates (Huge Secrets)
  • CWP Student Certificate of Completion Template
  • CWP Waiver Template
  • CWP Starter Tools
  • Suggested Materials
  • How to get insurance 
  • Powerful Training Aids
  • Cheaper Ammo Prices
6-Figure Income Blueprint Package
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