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Top Shot Firearms Academy and Gun Club
Charity Event
Exclusive Opportunity

Every year Top Shot offers once in a lifetime opportunities to its VIP's, Celebrities, and Public Figures. All proceeds for this years event goes to help families of kids with ADD, ADHD, and Autism for thanksgiving and Christmas

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Details of event:

Recently one of the Top Shot Main Instructors was at a training with the SWAT TEAM; the training involved shooting up a car to test the ballistics of bullets.

It was such an amazing experience that he thought; how many people will ever get to shoot up a car and actually see what a bullet does to a car?

Have YOU ever shot up a car ?

Would YOU like to?

Top Shot_Secondary_Wh.jpg

Top Shot is offering 7 slots to learn several platforms for rifles and pistols and the thrill of shooting up a car at the end. We even put a mannequin inside the car so that you can see what parts of the car the bullets can penetrate.

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