95% of Concealed Weapons Permit Holders CANNOT pass a basic shooting qualification.

See the video below to find out why:

Now you have a choice to make: 

Do you take the quicker, cheaper, standard Florida concealed weapons permit class just to get the license with the understanding that it is virtually worthless for personal or family defense? 


Do you take the more in depth Skill Builder course that includes the Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Class, but also learn the skills needed to defend yourself and your family?

We do a great job at teaching both!


Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to learn from a number of firearms instructors across a few states. Hands down, JB from TopShot Miami is by far the very best of experts I have had the pleasure to study under. If you are serious about your firearms training and learning from the most stolid professionals, look no further - this is a one stop shop for all of your education needs. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up 👍👍

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Does it make sense to trust your life and the lives of your family members to Groupon or the cheapest thing you can find? Let’s take this seriously people!


What if you can take a very fun 4 hour combined class; shooting fundamentals and concealed weapons permit?


  • 4 hours 

  • ​2 Classes combined (Shooting Fundamentals & Concealed Weapons Permit)

  • Unlimited refresher courses for life

  • Free Shooting Glasses, Free Gun Rental, Free Ammunition, Free Range Fees, and Free Targets

TOP SHOT is the Winner of the BEST CONCEALED WEAPONS CLASS of 2018 AND 2019 by


This is too important to cut corners. There is a better way.

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