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Top Shot Firearms Academy and Gun Club
AR-15 Fundamental Skills Course
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So you have an AR-15, or you're curious about buying one, and you want to learn the skills necessary to have effective marksmanship, use it efficiently, take it apart, clean it, and understand the major attributes of the system.

The AR-15 FS class is designed to give you the knowledge, skills and attitude to feel confident handling and discharging your AR-15 platform in a safe, responsible, and accurate manner.


Both seasoned professionals and beginners have taken this class and learned and walked away with a wealth of knowledge...


Everyone is welcomed to learn the tips and tricks to master your AR-15 Rifle

Watch the video from our last class here:

Course outline 
Close quarters shooting techniques

Close/far transitions
Weapon strikes
Tactical Shooting 
2 partner drills 
Shooting from cover and concealment
Reloading techniques 
Advanced shooting drills 

Rapid Fire Control

Estimated round count: 250 rounds rifle *NOTE - this is an estimated quantity due to the unique flexibility of the program, students may shoot more or less

Required Equipment 


Quality functional AR-15

Footwear suitable for rapid movement and turning

Clothing suitable for training in any weather

Eyewear protection 

Earmuffs and earplugs






1 day



Saturday June 11th




11700 SW 304 ST



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