Congratulations on making the important decision to legally protect yourself and your family.
Your options for Concealed Weapons Permit Courses are as follows:

Option 1 - $99

If you are an advanced or expert shooter and can pass a very thorough shooting and safety evaluation; we would suggested this Concealed Weapons Permit Class. This class is the Groupon version and won’t have a lot of shooting or practice. This is a 2 hour class covering the laws of Florida.  


As mentioned, its like the classes that you would see on Groupon or classes you would see packed into a hotel conference room. Not much shooting or firearm handling but adequate for the expert shooter. 


You will have to do a pre-course shooting and handling exam to prove that you can function at a high level.

OPTION 2 - $199

This class is tailored for the beginner or intermediate shooter. This is an actual shooting class with hands-on firearm manipulation time and lots of shooting so that you don’t need to take a second class to learn how to shoot.  


Most importantly, this class will ensure you learn to be safe with a firearm to prevent fatal injury to yourself and others.  If you have only handled a firearm a couple of times or even if you have been shooting a long time but never took a formal class; this is the class you need.


The shooting time is 1-on-1 with an instructor to ensure that you are comfortable with a firearm before deciding to handle it on your own.  

This is a 4 hour class. Lots of shooting, firearm manipulation, and safety principles.

Please let us know which class will best fit your knowledge and skill level.

We will wait for your response.

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