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Congratulations on making the important decision to legally protect yourself and your family.
Your protection options
are as follows:

Florida Standard- $99

This class is the Florida standard, similar to what you would find on Groupon. You won't learn much with respect to handling, accuracy, marksmanship etc; but it's enough to get your license. We only recommend this option to shooters that DO NOT care about learning and only wants the license.  You must be able to pass a very thorough shooting and safety evaluation to choose this option.


The reason we see so many accidents with firearms in Florida is because many beginners take this class, then incorrectly decide to purchase or carry a firearm. 
You will have to do a pre-course shooting and handling exam to prove that you can function at a high level.

Skill BuildeR + CCW-


This class is a combined course tailored for the beginner or novice shooter. This is an actual shooting class with hands-on firearm manipulation time and a lot of shooting so that you don’t need to take a second class to learn how to shoot.  This class also gets you the concealed weapons permit, but teaches you the necessary skills to protect yourself and your family like handling, accuracy, marksmanship, safety and defensive shooting. 


If you have only handled a firearm a couple of times, or even if you have been shooting a long time but have never taken a formal class; this is the class you need.

The shooting time is 1-on-1 with an instructor to ensure that you are comfortable with a firearm before deciding to handle it on your own.  

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Please let us know which class will best fit your knowledge and skill level.

We will wait for your response.

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